Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If you only knew what I already know ...

We all say this, if only in our heads. We all even believe it, at least most of the time. That what we believe is based on what we know, and that if others knew what we know, they would see what we see.

So the idea behind this blog - the read/write web - is to see if we (meaning you and I) can find a way to share what we each see. So that I can show you what I've seen, and what others have seen, and so that you can show me, and in doing so, show others, what you have seen that maybe we have not seen.

And this tool gives you a chance to show important stuff to other people, and to tell people why it is important, and why it ought to be part of the discussion.

Pretty simple, really.

So I am not going to post long soliloquies or rants that you have to wade through.
Just short, succinct little statements, like this one, and I hope to hear comments, and I hope that that the comments you post will attract other comments.

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